It should come as no surprise that we see a lot of selfies in our Worlds of Puppetry Museum. Because it’s full of familiar characters like Kermit, Big Bird and Missy Piggy, a visit to the Worlds of Puppetry Museum is like hanging out with old friends, and we love seeing your photos. But there’s one thing that makes selfies with these puppets even better...


Eye contact! 👀

Here’s how to capture the perfect puppet selfie: For each puppet, put your camera in their eyeline first, and position yourself accordingly. This will ensure the puppets are looking right into the camera with you! Below are a few examples so you can see what a difference it makes. (Tag us in your selfies when you post them to Instagram so we can see! @ctr_puppetry_arts, or use #PuppetryATL.)


Pro tip: You might want to get on the floor to get the best pic with Big Bird.


Capture yourself in mid-conversation with Clueless Morgan.

 Bonus: Snapchat lenses work on a few puppets! Snapchat instructs you to “try it with a friend," after all.