May 10-13, 2018

Xperimental Puppetry Theater

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Stephanie Richardson




May 10-13, 2018

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This Year's Lineup


Every year, dozens of artists come together in Xperimental Puppetry Theater (XPT), a program that offers professional and emerging artists the opportunity to explore and experiment, creating original and bold puppet theater guaranteed to inspire and surprise adult audiences. 

Join us for an artist talk-back following every performance.

Downstairs Theater

Ages 18+

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This Year's Lineup

The 2018 lineup includes:


“The Monkey and the Popcorn”– By Eric Castaneda
A simple singalong performance about a caged monkey and a forgotten popcorn kernel who find each other and become friends.

“Body My House”– By Steve Morrison and Colin Wheeler
A house by a lake appears empty inside, but secrets live within the walls.

“The Opal”– By Donna Sammander
An Afghan story of how the opal came to be and how it holds the secret to much more than the lights and rainbow colors that it encloses.

“The Custer Wolf”– By Chris Heady
The nine-year reign of the animal outlaw known to South Dakota locals as the Custer Wolf will be put to the ultimate test when the USDA’s best hunter takes up the trail of the wolf in this unforgettable true story.

“The Boat of Bones”– By Clelia Scala
A stop-motion film about a puppet in search of life in the midst of death.

Live Performances

Mean Spirited – By Frances Chang
After passing on to the next realm, Grandma Bertie learns to come to terms with the choices her family makes in her absence while she takes a hard look at herself and the cause of the estrangement with her late son.

Moving World – By Jessica Mendel
A combination of stop-motion animation and live puppetry that explores the world of fireflies.

Sagittarius A – By Brandi Smart
A comedy about the complicated relationship of one stellar traveler and his ship Rosie.

But I Digress – By Vivian Alford and Lee Bryan
A former beauty queen and her daughter serve up slices of life and tell it like it is—and was.

Filthy/Gorgeous – By Cynthia Brower
A burlesque striptease featuring a body puppet.


In Stall – By Jamie Donmoyer
An interactive installation piece that utilizes the sights and sounds of a public restroom experience to tell short vignettes.