Sat, Aug 11, 2018

Puppet Party Series: Puppets and Pints


Center for Puppetry Arts

Music & Museum After Dark

Ages 21+

Foamy heads for everyone! Join us for a cold, craft beer and chill out on a hot summer’s night. Enjoy the music of The Possum Kingdom Ramblers,  beer and wine for purchase, plus FREE lights bites, bar games, and a chance to visit our Worlds of Puppetry Museum in a relaxed, child-free environment. 

Nonmember tickets: $20 Advance | $25 at door

Member tickets: $16 Advance | $20 at door

Museum After Dark

Sat, Aug 11, 2018

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 Possum Kingdom Ramblers

Formed almost entirely by accident, The Possum Kingdom Ramblers are a goofy, nerd-grass band whose main objective is to have a good time playing music.  This may leave you with the question: What is nerd-grass?  I'm glad you asked.  Nerd-grass is similar to bluegrass music in that sometimes there is a banjo. It is different from bluegrass in that the people creating it know nothing about bluegrass music except that there is sometimes a banjo.  The Possum Kingdom Ramblers use silly sounding instruments like the electric yard rake, a saw from Home Depot, cat keyboard, ukulele, kazoo, and sometimes a banjo to play fun, quirky music with lyrics about cats, space, space cats, monsters, space travel, and cats.